Duo Flowers Sandal Fem

Designer: Ennoja Clothing

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   Double the flowers, double the flair.  In the Ipanema Class Duo Flower Sandal T-Strap thong sandal, two bold sculptural flowers on the Center strap deserves all the attention.  Modern and sweet, these new floral favourites get mega style points.

  Ipanema sandals are coveted for their creative and comfortable styles made using super soft and durable flex pant 100% recyclable plastic.  With eyes on the environment and the future, the collections are made using at least 30% recycled materials, while 99% of the factory waist is recycled or reused. 
Basic Ipanema flip flop with foot print on the inside floor. Comfortable and stylish.

Fits true to size.

SKU 83565

Color: Pink-Lilac

Size: 5