Dogo Sneaker-Tiny But Mighty

Designer: DOGO

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  Time to express how you feel!  We are your personalized story teller.  Myra model with the Tiny but Mighty print is at Dogo to show your difference!   Created with the Dogo brand, and respect for animal rights Tiny but Mighty Myra lets you reflect yourself.  Be bold, be unique with these eye-catching designs.

  DOGO creates a brand new world with a print. We help you to reflect your colourful and unique character with creative designs.

* Print- Tiny But Mighty

* 100% Vegan.

* Use damp cloth to clean. Do not apply any chemicals to the product for cleaning or care purposes. Avoid hand or machine wash. 



Wipe away dirt and grime with a damp cloth. Avoid using detergents or spot cleaners, as they can lead to un-even colour fading.

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Print: Tiny But Mighty

Size: 36