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Designer: Cut Loose

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  Cut Loose Cropped Top is comfortable and stylish. has a band detail around the hem.  Easy to the point Sweat shirt. Done in the micro modal fabric that is easy to wear and wash. 

* 48% Supima, 48% Micromodal, 4%Spandex. 

* Sewn and dyed in San Fransisco, made in the USA.

* Machine Wash, Hang to dry or tumble dry low.

Size Guide:

*XS ( Size 2-4) Bust

S (Size 6-8) Bust

M ( Size 10-12) Bust

L (Size 14-16) Bust

XL ( Size 16+) Bust


Spring/Summer 2022, Colour Pallet:

SKU 0827935

Size: XS

Color: Midnight